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2017 Annual Fleet Sale

Every season, Greenwich Community Sailing puts every single one of its sailboats and kayaks up for sale. We have sold thousands of boats over the years to people from all over the tri-state area. The sale begins the first week in August and runs through the end of September.

Beginning the first week of August, you may place a 10% deposit to reserve your boat. Final payment must be made by check only when picking up the boat. Boats will not be available for pickup until their respective release date below.

Every year we sell all of our kayaks. Doubles usually go first, followed by singles. In order to guarantee yourself a boat, place a deposit as soon as the boat sale begins.

Lasers, Getaways and Waves come with brand new, never-before-used sails. GCS has custom made sails for these boats, we keep the stock sails in their packaging in our loft until the boat is sold.

Kayaks, Lasers, Bugs and Paddleboards can be easily placed on a roof rack for transportation. Catamarans are best transported on a trailer. GCS does not sell trailers.

Trailers, roof racks for kayaks, and tie downs may be purchased at the Boat Locker (203) 259-7808.

Please call our office at (203) 698-0599 with any questions or to reserve a boat.

We have yet to set prices for our 2017 boat sale, but as a reference we have displayed our boat list from last year. Check back in the end of July for our updated list.
Boat Type, Year and QuantityDate AvailableList PriceSale PriceComment
  GetawaySept. 6th$8,550
20081 (LSS)$2,500
20091 (GCS) $3,890New 2016 hulls
20121 (LSS)$4,590
20131 (LSS)$4,990
20142 (LSS/GCS)$5,690
20163 (LSS/GCS)$6,325
  Hobie WaveSept. 6th$6,050
20111 (LSS)$2,590
20131 (LSS)$3,490
20141 (LSS)$3,690
20151 (GCS)$3,890
20164 (GCS/LSS)$4,290
20061 (GCS)$2,490With New Sails
20073 (LSS/GCS)$2,795With New Sails
20101 (GCS)$3,395With New Sails
20121 (LSS)$3,795With New Sails
20137 (GCS/LSS)$3,990With New Sails
20141 (LSS)$4,290With New Sails
20168 (LSS/GCS)$4,990With New Sails; hull, fins
and spars are only 3
months old.
  Hobie Kayaks - Single (Maui) RedSept. 6th thru Sept. 23th $829
2016$525Price includes paddles and backrests
  Hobie Kayaks - Double (Kona) YellowSept. 6th thru Sept. 23th $1,249
2016$650Price includes paddles and backrests
  Stand Up Paddleboards, 11' 4" ModelSept. 14th$890
2016$725Price includes paddle and leash
  Stand Up Paddleboards, 9' 10" ModelSept. 14th$840
2016$695Price includes paddle and leash
  Canoe, Old Town 16' 7" DiscoverySept. 12th$1,049
2016$695With Paddle